Broome, Australia has been described by visitors as one of the most extraordinary places in the world to visit. It has also been reported that due to the high number of activities in Broome, it is usually not possible for an individual to do the same thing twice. Brooke offers accessibility belt air and land. As a known tourist attraction, it is packed with various accommodation to cater for the needs of tourists. The holiday activities carried out in Broome are numerous and tourists are usually offered the opportunity of mixing and matching events to suit their budget.

Top Four Reasons To Visit Broome.

There are a lot of reasons to take a trip to Broome at different times of the year. Apart from just taking a trip to one of the worlds famous places may include

It offers one of the best experiences any individual may have

Broome is one of the most exotic and love some towns in Australia because some qualities that are unique to it including; the amazing sunsets, the white sand, the bright red earth intersecting with the sky blue Indian ocean and the dinosaur footprints. Due to these qualities, most people consider it has one of the places to visit before death.

Stairway to the Moon

Another attractive feature of Broome is an event that occurs two to three days in a month during the full moon between March and October. As the full moon appears it creates something that looks like a stairway path across the mudflats in Roebuck Bay. It can be well viewed from the Town beach and the moon market.

Dinosaur footprints

Dinosaurs are extinct animals said to be one hundred and thirty million years old but their footprints can be found close to Broome. It is important to note that this feature is not present in many towns. This dinosaur footprint can be found specifically on the seabed close to Gantheaume point, a total of about six kilometres away from Broome.

Courthouse markets

This market is multifaceted and stress-free scheduled on Saturday mornings. You can take a walk around the market and participate in activities such as buying of pearls, jewellery or a native art. You can also try on billowy dresses to match the Broome’s mild and pleasant weather.

Other important Reasons To Visit Broome

Apart from the amazing reasons mentioned above, exploring Broome, Australia can be engaged in for two other reasons – easy means of exploration and sun pictures.

You can explore Broome by Bike

With the distance between old Broome and cable beach, it is possible for an individual to transport around Broome by boarding a public transport or by renting a car. Opting for a bike particularly in the morning is fun as well because there is a network of paths for riders and there are traffic lights to keep riders in check

Sun pictures

The start of sun pictures can be traced back to 1916, according to Guinness book of records. The world’s oldest functional outdoor picture gardens that have survived various natural disasters such as tidal flood, cyclones and the air raids by Japanese during World war II is Sun pictures located in Broome. This is another reason why you should consider visiting Broome.