Broome, Western Australia

Broome is a coastal and a large community in Kimberley region of Western Australia. This great city is known for its numerous tourist attractions such as the cable Beach, Roebuck Bay, Pearling Industry among others

Apart from the tourist attractions, which could be found in the town, Broome is also known as home for the world’s oldest open-air cinema popularly known as the Sun picture Garden. Before moving into wonderful features of this great city lets quickly see little of its history.

History Of Broome

As said earlier, Broome is at the coastal part of Kimberley. It was established in the 1880s during the time of John Forrest.

John Forrest can historically be regarded as the founding father of the land due to the fact that he was the first person who chose the site (coastal side of Kimberley) for the establishment of Broome town.

Forrest was also the person who gave the site the name. He named the town after Sir Frederick Broome, who was Western Australia Governor during 1883 when forest discover that the land will be suitable for lives and properties to dwell in.

After giving naming the town, john forest began the major development of Broome town, he built houses and other important facilities which will make life comfortable for himself and his family was later joined by Frederick Broome in the developmental processes till the town become what it is today.

Broome is a very nice and welcoming place to be during holidays. In fact, it is one of the most visited places in the world. This is so as there is suitable weather condition that enhances maximum use of one’s holiday period.

Broome is a wonderful town that renders different services to an individual who chose to spend some time in Australia.

Fascinating Area and Events in Broome

The first and a fascinating event you must experience during your stay in Broome are when the sun is falling on the water. The falling of the sun into water is one of the events that happen at the Cable Beach and it is definitely an eye-catcher. Most people make a trip to this place yearly.

Apart from the relaxation and tasty delicacies served at this beach, one can easily make the best use of his/her holiday by engaging in Camel rides, another service render to guests at the cable beach.

There are so many hotels and resorts in Broome where travellers are able to eat the food of your choice. The Billi is one of the leading hotels in Broome where guests can have a nice time. Billi is made up of Safari tents, white-on-white apartment-style villa. Other hotel and Resorts include Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa, Broome Beach Resort etc. Green Mango Cafe is another option for individual who wants a lunch meal.

There are so many markets in Broome to visit. Before you leave Broome, you must visit the town’s night market known as the Broome Courthouse. At this market, you are privileged to come across lots of products such as pearl boutiques, galleries, pubs, and cafes along others.

It is better to see for yourself and confirm that Broome is one of the most beautiful towns in Australia and indeed, the World. Experience the unforgettable enjoyment in Broome town during this festive period.